Collection: Beard, Hair & Shaved Head

Clean, heal, correct.
Immerse yourself in a daily routine with our complete range, dedicated to maintaining and enhancing your beard, your hair or your shaved head. Our products offer you a complete skincare experience for impeccable appearance and unparalleled confidence, day after day.

Beard and hair care

Whether you have a hipster beard or a stubble, you like it to be perfect. Discover our cryom offer to shave, maintain and beautify your most beautiful asset. And if you have a beautiful shaved head, remember to maintain it too!

Beard pencil

Quickly fill a gap in your beard or redraw your beard line lacking hair in a very natural way.

Color corrector for beard, eyebrows and hair

Say goodbye to white, graying hairs in your beard with our concealer specially designed for modern men!
Get a rejuvenated, vibrant look in the blink of an eye, without the hassle of permanent dyes.
Rediscover your beard full of vitality and youth, for a discreet and natural appearance at all times.

Beard brushes

Take control of your style with our premium beard brushes, designed for demanding bearded men!
Say goodbye to tangles and flyaway hairs, and let yourself be seduced by a soft, disciplined and irresistibly groomed beard. By stimulating blood circulation and evenly distributing natural oils, our brush promotes healthy, lush growth, while soothing the skin underneath.
Add a touch of sophistication to your grooming routine with our beard brushes, the essential accessory for looking impeccable and distinguished, day after day.

Shaved head

Discover our range of cosmetic treatments for men with bald or shaved heads. Natural products designed to maintain and enhance your bald look with elegance and confidence. Reveal your best version with our solutions specially formulated for you, and look impeccable every day.