The brand

Cryom highlights the beauty of men.

Like you, when we use a care product in our bathroom, we are above all looking for effectiveness, results and of course, we want to know what we are putting on our skin and if possible that the products are made in France.

But where can we find good products and effective corrective treatments, and dare we say, makeup for us men? Not really finding anything on the market, we decided to create our own brand: cryom.

cryom imagines, innovates, develops and manufactures cosmetic treatments in France that respond to the specific issues of male beauty. With our partner laboratories, we have selected the best natural active ingredients for visible results.

Practical, cryom is designed as a real toolbox for all men, offering a complete range to meet all needs, to boost your ego, your potential for seduction and your own well-being, whatever your age. Our motivation? One problem, one solution.

We already offer a selection of treatments and correctors which we enrich with new products throughout the year. With cryom, you can…

  • Clean, exfoliate, moisturize, maintain your facial skin.
  • Correct all your small skin imperfections in a discreet, natural and targeted manner (dark circles, holes in the beard, white hairs, spots, dull complexion, wrinkles, etc.).
  • Take care of, maintain and brush your beard and make it sophisticated like a hypster. A problem with holes in your beard hair or white hairs in places? Cryom has the solution!
  • If your head is shorn or shaved, naturally or forced, you will find solutions at cryom to maintain and protect your exposed skull.
  • Whether you are brown, blond, brown, red, gray, light, Mediterranean, mixed or dark, cryom offers you solutions.

We want cryom to be a young, trendy, trendy, innovative brand but also uninhibited, even a bit provocative to move the lines on the use of cosmetic products and let's say makeup by men.

Jean & Edouard – cryom co-founders

Cryom Fondateur Beauté Cosmétique Homme