Comment utiliser le crayon à barbe ?

How to use the beard pencil?

This cryom corrector is astonishingly effective. You get a natural result in just a few minutes. It's much less time-consuming and restrictive than beard dye.

But it is important to know how to use it for a natural result.

That's why, cryom advises you to carefully follow the 4 steps of using the color corrector below in order to obtain a perfect and unsuspected result!

Step 1 : I take out the small brush and remove the excess of product by lightly rubbing the brush on the black rim of the bottle by making small back and forth movements to remove the excess product and ensure that it falls back into the bottle . I don't hesitate to scrape off all the excess by turning the small brush. You must also remove excess product from the top of the brush.

This essential gesture of preparation will allow me not to create “clumps” in my beard. There you go, I'm ready to get started.

Step 2: Facing my mirror, I pass the small ergonomic brush over my hairs without pressing too hard . You have to get the hang of it but after a few tries, you get there quickly. When applying, I gently turn the brush to optimize the use of the product. This allows me to cover large areas without reloading.

Step 3: To finalize a natural look, I use a beard brush or a hairbrush to evenly distribute the color corrector in my hairs and remove the excess.

Step 4: I let it dry for a few minutes in the open air and if I'm in a hurry I put my hairdryer on the “cold air” position.

TIP : I can use several colors of beard correctors for an expert finish. (examples: black and dark gray, light brown and dark blond, etc.).

To remove the product, I simply clean my beard with my usual shampoo and rinse well.

COMPLETELY : Once dry, I can apply my cryom beard oil. This will protect the result for longer. If I have slight holes in my beard or if I want to reshape it, I don't forget to use the cryom beard pencil as well.

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