Comment utiliser le correcteur de couleur pour barbe ?

How to use beard color corrector?

The cryom beard pencil is a very practical corrector for reshaping a beautiful, symmetrical and gap-free beard for a day. You get a natural result in just a few minutes.

But it is important to know how to use it for a natural result.

That's why, cryom advises you to follow the 2 steps of using the beard pencil below in order to obtain a perfect and unsuspected result!


Step 1 : In front of my mirror on my very dry beard, I draw very short small lines (2mm) in the direction of the hair , from top to bottom without pressing too much . I always start with the beard line (cheeks and neck) in order to have a neat beard.

Step 2: For a natural and discreet finish, I then pass the brush so that the small lines drawn blends perfectly with my hair. I can finally use my usual beard brush for an impeccable finish.

TIPS: I can even correct the shape of an eyebrow or hide a small scar in my hair or beard.

COMPLETELY : Once dry, I can apply my cryom beard oil. This will protect the result for longer. If my beard hair is depigmented or if I have holes, I don't forget to use the cryom beard color corrector in addition.

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