Comment choisir le bon correcteur de couleur de barbe ?

How to choose the right beard color corrector?

You don't really like your first white hairs in your beard? You can't stand permanent colors because your beard grows back quickly? Are you looking to hide them for a special day, an evening, or even every day? Cryom has the solution for you! Color corrector for beard, eyebrows and hair available in 11 shades.

In this article, through a few examples, we will guide you in choosing the color that will suit you best.

1/ To start, ask yourself the right question about the color of your original beard or even your hair . Do you have a black beard, brown beard (which is a little lighter than a black beard), or are you more brown , red , bond , pepper & salt , or already almost completely white ?

2/ Then, there are many subtleties if you are a dark, brown or red man depending on whether your beard is rather dark or light . This is where the dilemma can arise in choosing the right shade.

So, refer to this patchwork of male profiles and you will be able to more easily decide on the choice of your shade.

And for an even more natural effect, you can play with 2 shades and create discreet shades.

Finally, do you have a doubt? We are here to help you.

Send us a photo of your face (beard and hair visible) by email to and our advisor will respond to you as soon as possible on the best choice of shade for you. Do not hesitate !

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